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-Chance To Receive an All-Inclusive Trip For 2 to Sweden*

-New Recipes Every 10 Days

-Experience Culture

-Learn About Sweden's History

-Sweden's Top Tourist Destinations

-Free Travel Tips

-Learn Swedish Phrases

-Content to Help You Understand

Why Sweden Needs Jesus

-Be a Key Part of Global Disciple Making

-Help Bring More Funding to Missionaries World Wide

-To Know You Are a Key Partner in Planting a Church in the 2nd Least Religious Country in the World!

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*As a thank you to our subscribers, each time we reach 1,000 new subscribers, we will gift one subscriber the all-inclusive trip for 2 to Sweden.


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How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription directly from your PayPal account. Here's how: Log in to your PayPal account at with the PayPal email address you used to subscribe. Click the Settings icon next to "Log out."
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Will I get a tax deduction for this subscription?

The Scandianvian Culture Club is what we call "Business For Mission". Since we are a business, we do not have a 501c3 non-profit status and are not run as a non-profit. Because of this, this subscription is not tax deductible. Also legally when you give a gift to a non-profit organization, you are not allowed to receive anything like a product for that gift. We are, however, dedicating these funds to ministry; to our church planting ministry in Sweden, and at least 10% of the gross profit of this business to fund missionaries world wide. If you would like to give a tax deductible gift you can do so by giving directly to our missionary agency Pioneers. Pioneers mobilizes teams to glorify God among unreached peoples. We have over 3,000 missionaries in 100+ countries around the world. You can give here: GIVE

How can I receive the All-Inclusive Trip to Sweden?

Every time we hit 1,000 subscribers, we are going to celebrate by gifting one subscriber, at random, an all-inclusive paid trip for 2 to Sweden. This will include flight, hotels, excursions, food, and in country transportation. This will turn your digital experience into a real one. If you desire as well, you can come and hang out with us and see the ministry in Sweden first hand. We would love to host you!

What all is included in the Scandianvian Culture Club?

There are two major parts of the Scandianvian Culture Club. First, every 10 days you will receive a new Swedish food recipe. These will vary between main courses, appetizers and starters, drinks, breads, side dishes, and desserts. Food is one of the best way to experience another culture, so we hope you have a blast trying out some of these recipes. Second, once a month you will receive an email that will contain four parts: 1. Content on why Sweden/Europe needs Jesus and missionaries to bring the Gospel. 2. A short Swedish language phrase. 3. A fun video on Sweden and Scandinavia's top Tourist attractions. and 4. Unique cultural info about Sweden and Swedish people. At times we will also send you other content like update on our ministry, cooking videos from friends in Sweden, and information about the other missionaries and missionary teams that we are helping to support with the financial resources coming in through these subscriptions. Also, occassionally we will run competitions that will give you the opportunity to help us grow our subscriber base. Winners in these competitions will receive IKEA or VISA gift cards. We will also have a private Facebook group where you can join and interact with other members and share photos of the recipes you tried out. Lastly, as our subscriber base continues to grow, we may add more content like live videos from Sweden, etc...

What are your ministry credentials?

I, Adam Moody, spent 5 years living and doing ministry in Växjö and Uppsala, Sweden. Uppsala is where we are planting a church and is a city where only about 2-3% of people even attend church. I have a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Point University and was ordained in 2011 by Eagles Landing First Baptist Church, a large church just south of Atlanta where Casting Crowns is based. I've also done missions work in England, Germany, and Norway and have led worship, preached, and led Bible study groups in the U.S. and Europe since 2000. My wife, Stacey Moody, has done missions work in Germany, Czech Republic, Panama, Sweden for 2 years with me, and with refugee women in Clarkston, GA ( considered the most diverse square mile in America). She has an Associates degree from Covenant Theological Seminary in NC, and has extensive training in intercultural missions work. We are missionaries with Pioneers, a global missionary recruiting and sending organization headquartered in Orlando, FL, with recruiting bases worldwide. Pioneers currently has over 3,000 missionaries in 100+ countries worldwide, focusing on the most unreached and unchurched regions in the world.

What is your refund policy?

If you change your mind within your first 5 days of subscribing, you can ask for a refund. After 5 days, we are unable to give a refund. For cancellations, check our cancellation policy.

How do you handle my information?

We only have access to the information you give us for your subscription, so your name and email address. We use that information to email you your products, let you know about webinars and competitions, and inform you if you have won the all-inclusive trip to Sweden. We manage all your information with regards to US and E.U. laws and regulations to make sure your information is protected. All of your information is protected by a highy secure password encryption. For more details, check out our Privacy Policy in our Terms of Service page.


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