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The Scandinavian Culture Club is a unique and fun opportunity to help educate people on the cultures, food, histories, and languages of the Scandinavian peoples.  Our #1 priority, however, is using this as a way for us to share the need for the Gospel in Sweden and get financial resources to help plant churches in Sweden and fund missionaries world wide.  When you become an affiliate and market this opportunity, not only is there potential to earn income for yourself, but ultimately you are helping to bring more financial resources to spread the Gospel worldwide.  You are truly building real treasures in heaven and fulfilling part of your role in the global part of the Great Commission!


Success in affiliate marketing can sometimes feel overwhelming.  In this video we introduce you to who we are, what the product is, go over the payout structure, and show you a very clear pathway to succeed with this product as an affiliate.  Make sure to not skip over this video as it is essential info.  Though becoming an affiliate is FREE, we highly suggest you subscribe as a member of the Scandinavian Culture Club so that you can have first hand knowledge of the product you are marketing.


As an affiliate you will receive income for every subscriber you bring to the Scandinavian Culture Club.  Payouts begin at as few as 10 subscribers.  Also, high achievers can qualify for bonuses as high as $35,000.  It is completely FREE to become an affiliate and very simple.  However, we do encourage you to become a subscriber of the Scandinavian Culture Club, so that you know how to market it better (it's literally less than 33 cents a day).  Check the chart below for the affiliate payout structure.

$350 Bonus Comes After 2 Month's of 100 Subscribers

$3,500 Bonus Comes After 2 Month's of 1,000 Subscribers

$35,000 Bonus Comes After 4 Month's of 10,000 Subscribers



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