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The Scandinavian Culture Club is a unique and fun opportunity to help educate people on the cultures, food, histories, and languages of the Scandinavian peoples.  Our #1 priority, however, is using this as a way for us to share the need for the Gospel in Sweden and get financial resources to help plant churches in Sweden and fund missionaries world wide.  When you become an affiliate and market this opportunity, not only is there potential to earn income for yourself, but ultimately you are helping to bring more financial resources to spread the Gospel worldwide.  You are truly building real treasures in heaven and fulfilling part of your role in the global part of the Great Commission!


Success in affiliate marketing can sometimes feel overwhelming.  In this video we introduce you to who we are, what the product is, go over the payout structure, and show you a very clear pathway to succeed with this product as an affiliate.  Make sure to not skip over this video as it is essential info.  Though becoming an affiliate is FREE, we highly suggest you subscribe as a member of the Scandinavian Culture Club so that you can have first hand knowledge of the product you are marketing.


As an affiliate you will receive income for every subscriber you bring to the Scandinavian Culture Club.  Payouts begin at as few as 10 subscribers.  Also, high achievers can qualify for bonuses as high as $35,000.  It is completely FREE to become an affiliate and very simple.  However, we do encourage you to become a subscriber of the Scandinavian Culture Club, so that you know how to market it better (it's literally less than 33 cents a day).  Check the chart below for the affiliate payout structure.

$350 Bonus Comes After 2 Month's of 100 Subscribers

$3,500 Bonus Comes After 2 Month's of 1,000 Subscribers

$35,000 Bonus Comes After 4 Month's of 10,000 Subscribers



How often will I get paid as an affiliate?

Once you hit the benchmarks we have set like 10 subscribers, 50 subscribers, 100 subscribers, etc...and people have stayed subscribed for the whole month (i.e. not cancelled or asked PayPal for a refund), then you will get paid within 10 days. For example, someone subscribes on April 1 and stays subscribed and you hit a benchmark, you will get paid by May 10th.

Can I cancel being an affiliate and just cash out even if I haven't hit the benchmarks?

The short answer is yes, but this comes with stipulations. Say you brought in 75 subscribers. You should have already been paid $150 for hitting 10 subscribers and $600 for hitting 50 subscribers, for a total of $750. 75 subscribers means 25 more. Since you are getting paid 100% of the first months subscription of anyone you bring in, we would multiply those 25 subscribers by $15, which would give you $375 more as a cash out. Here's the stipulation: If you cash out, you are not allowed to join as an affiliate again for 6 months, and when you do join again you must start over. If you watch our Pathway to Success video, you will see how you can leverage your subscribers to help you get new subscribers much faster so that you can hit these benchmarks and have no need to cash out early. Questions?: Email us at affiliates@themoodysinsweden.com

How can I succeed as an affiliate?

1. Though not mandatory, we highly encourage you to become a subscriber to the Scandianvian Culture Club yourself (remember it costs less than 50 cents per day, i.e. $15 a month). Typically we are usually much more passionate about something we are involved in or experience ourselves. Think about when you go see a great movie or experience a great meal at a restaurant. You naturally want to go and tell your friends and family to go see the movie or try out the restaurant. The same can be true when you join the Scandianvian Culture Club 2. Watch the Pathway to Success video we have here. We show you a pathway where you can work hard in the beginning to find 50-100 subscribers and then leverage those subscribers, through fun competitions, to help you potentially double your subscription base every month. 3. Leverage social media and word of mouth to invite as many people you know. Encourage people in your small groups, Sunday School classes, churches, etc.. that this is an awesome opportunity for them to get involved in sending the Gospel out worldwide to help plant church and fund missionaries sharing the Gospel for a very small comittment of money each month. Encourage them that they will be a part of a team of people fulfilling the global part of the Great Commission and truly storing up treasures in heaven. 4. For every 1,000 subscribers we hit, we will be gifting one subscriber, at random, an all-inclusive paid trip to Sweden to enjoy Sweden, meet us, and spend some time seeing the ministry there. Encourage people that the faster they subscribe, the faster we hit our goals and gift this trip out.

Why do I have to wait for 2 months or 4 months for the bonuses?

We want to make sure that the subscribers you bring in are consistent subscribers as that it what the bonuses are based off of. It's really just about the math. We are paying you 100% of the first months subscription of anyone you bring in, and as you hit the benchmarks, we are paying you around 33% of those subscribers second month subscription. For the large $50,000 bonus, we want to wait 4 months to make sure the subscribers you bring in stay as consistent subscribers so that we will have enough to pay out this bonus to you, and make sure we are devoting most of the money that comes in to ministry.

Will I have to pay taxes on the money I receive?

We cannot offer legal advice since we ourselves are not lawyers or CPA's. Legally if we pay you over $600 a year, we will have to file a 1099-MISC form and send it to you if you are a US citizen. So if you do make over $600 a year with us, we will have to get your social security number and personal info to send you the 1099-MISC. We do keep all of your info private and only use it for the purposes of sending tax forms.

How will I get paid?

Mostly we will pay you directly through PayPal so you must have a PayPal account. Once you reach larger payouts, we may look into wire transfer if the fee's are cheaper than sending through PayPal. Either way, we will make sure you get paid for the hard work you do!

How will you know if someone subscribes through me?

We use a professional affiliate software called Post Affiliate Pro. You will have a login and password sent to you when you register which will take you to a back office page. There, you will have unique links that you will send to potential subscribers. When they subscribe, you will be able to see this on your back office page and know how well you are progressing.

How can I get the contact info of those who subscribe through my link so that I can run the competitions mentioned in the video?

Unfortunatley our affiliate software does not automatically connect the email addresses of those who subscribe through your link. However, we will do this manually any time some subscribes under you. Hopefully within 72hrs you will see the name and email address of whomever subsribed through you. If you are wanting to run competitions as we have mentioned in the Pathway to Success video, then this will be helpful for you.

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